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  • 11. 02. 2019

    Utilities' and government bodies' interests in resilience and the implications of climate change in sewage systems and infrastructures are increasing. However, there is no consolidated framework for the resilience assessment and it is often seen as an additional cost or an extra effort.

  • 16. 01. 2019

    Resilience has crept into the world of big cities, stimulated by an increasing prevalence of unfortunate incidents that tend to attract press attention – fires, floods, heatwaves, stabbings, terrorist activities, and multiple other forms of disruption. But, what does it feel like for a small city tackling resilience? What "Small Giants" can do about urban resilience? - By Graham Colclough

  • 08. 01. 2019

    How important can Mutual Assistance be to help organizations to face disruptive events? Mutual Assistance is an essential part of the electric power industry’s service restoration process and contingency planning performed by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). On November, EDP Distribuição shared experiences with EEI on a Trans-Atlantic Mutual Assistance Workshop, where EEI presented a different approach for the utilities based on a mutual assistance scales from regional to national incidents. - INÊS CÂNDIDO SILVA, NUNO DUARTE AND PAULO ALBERTO, EDP DISTRIBUIÇÃO

  • 09. 11. 2018

    The concept of urban resilience is at the center of all eyes. It is key in the future of our cities. This is where RESCCUE comes in: resilience to deal with climate change in urban areas, - by Miguel Pardo.

  • 02. 10. 2018

    As cities are rapidly growing in population, size and energy consumption, an efficient and proper management of the city is of great necessity. In this line, the concept of digital twin arises, by Anna Palau.