This project has recived funding from European Comission by means of Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, under Grant Agreement no. 700174



  • 09. 11. 2018

    The concept of urban resilience is at the center of all eyes. It is key in the future of our cities. This is where RESCCUE comes in: resilience to deal with climate change in urban areas, - by Miguel Pardo.

  • 02. 10. 2018

    As cities are rapidly growing in population, size and energy consumption, an efficient and proper management of the city is of great necessity. In this line, the concept of digital twin arises, by Anna Palau. 

  • 13. 09. 2018

    Dr Barry Evans presented the overview of the RESCCUE project in Suzhou, China, during the ESSPRIT Capacity Building Workshop. 


  • 09. 08. 2018

    Having surpassed the equator of the RESCCUE Project, a few main results have already been completed. Several advanced methodologies have been developed, new models have been created and even some final datasets have already been produced. As a teaser of what will come next, following, three benefits that RESCCUE will bring to your city can be found, - by Marc Velasco

  • 01. 08. 2018

    The proper application of adaptation strategies will allow our cities to improve their decisions and reduce risks related to climate change, - by Eduardo Martínez.