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  • 16. 01. 2020

    One of the main evidence of climate change effects is the increase in the frequency of extreme precipitation events and sea-level rise. Portugal already has registered an increase of the total precipitation attributed to heavy and very heavy precipitation and, consequently, a tendency to have more intense daily rainfall events, leading to increasing problems of flooding and combined sewer overflows- By Nuno Pimentel and Rita Lourinho Alves, Águas do Tejo Atlântico

  • 08. 01. 2020

    The story of resilience decisions can all too often have similar illogical hallmarks. Except that the consequences are perhaps a tad more profound. When city resilience started earning some more serious attention 5-10 years back, the expectations (at least that of the industries that install infrastructures) were that the money might start to flow freely as big infrastructure projects emerged- By Graham Colclough, UrbanDNA

  • 16. 12. 2019

    RESCCUE has been great at bringing people together. Not just the “family” of colleagues within the 18 RESCCUE partner organisations, but also the many hugely helpful individuals who have provided valued inputs to the project - By Rob Henderson, Wessex Water

  • 12. 12. 2019

    As the electric Distribution System operator (DSO), EDP Distribuição established its resilience approach, based on business continuity framework, which provided the opportunity to develop and proper evolve an Exercise Program. In this way, it was possible to increase the volume and the complexity of exercises focused on multiple events with relevant impact on the electrical infrastructure, involving relevant stakeholders. - By Inês Cândido Silva, Nuno Duarte and Paulo Alberto, EDP Distribuição

  • 04. 12. 2019

    In these times of constant change, it is important that companies know how to adapt to these changes. In this way, instead of generating a negative impact, changes can become an opportunity for the future. That is why e-distribución has decided to implement this concept in its new Network Digital Twin project (NDT). In NDT, there are about 20 initiatives to improve and intelligently upgrade the power grid. - By Andrea Costa, e-distribución (Endesa)