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Allies for Climate, the key to success


Allies for Climate, the key to success

Eduardo Martínez-Gomariz, project manager and researcher at Cetaqua, presented the RESCCUE project at the virtual workshop “Nacional and EU Dialogue Allies for Climate”, held on 8th June.

During the intervention, the objectives and results of the project were explained, exemplifying its application in Barcelona. In this city, the use of insurance data to develop innovative tools for building urban climate resilience was essential. With this, it was possible to identify the vulnerable areas to pluvial flooding and facilitate decision making processes through a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.

This virtual meeting was organized within the frame of the H2020 NAIAD project, led by ICATALIST, hosting several presentations about the need to strengthen the capacity of cities to adapt to new contexts, emphasizing the urge for insurance industries and local authorities to work together, as the key to success in this matter.