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Exeter hosted the 7th RESCCUE Project Committee Meeting


Exeter hosted the 7th RESCCUE Project Committee Meeting

Last 6th and 7th June, the RESCCUE consortium, made up by more than 40 members from 18 partners, gathered in Exeter (United Kingdom) to hold the 7th Project Committee Meeting. This two-day event was aimed at updating the project progress, from technical to strategic issues, as well as discussing other transversal topics, such as the project communication and management.

The day before the meeting, the RESCCUE team attended a local workshop with representatives from the Torbay City Council and the Exeter City Council. After the welcome words from Slobodan Djordjevic (University of Exeter) and a brief presentation on the RESCCUE project by Marc Velasco (Aquatec-SUEZ Advanced Solutions), David Sterwart (Torbay City Council) explained some initiatives that this city has carried out in terms of coastal defence and flood alleviation.

Regarding the Project Committee Meeting, during the first day the progress of Barcelona, Lisbon and Bristol study cases were presented. Besides, several technical sessions and short pills from the different Work Packages served to present and discuss the main goals achieved and the next steps. Once the sessions ended, the partners visited the University of Exeter, were the day ended with an institutional dinner.

The second day also consisted in follow-up sessions from the remaining Work Package leaders, who also e their achievements while some more short technical pills were presented. Lastly, Marc Velasco (Aquatec-SUEZ Advanced Solutions), closed the meeting. The RESCCUE team will meet again in November 2019 in Lisbon.