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OptiCts presented RESCCUE in the final EU-CIRCLE workshop


OptiCts presented RESCCUE in the final EU-CIRCLE workshop

Since the RESCCUE project is participating in the Common Dissemination Booster programme, an initiative promoted by European Commission to boost synergies among R&D projects, new joint dissemination opportunities are constantly arising.

One clear example of this is EU-CIRCLE’s invitation for RESCCUE to participate in the workshop “EU-CIRCLE: Dresden Case Study”. In particular, RESCCUE representatives were invited to present project’s overall approach as well as to perform a live demo of the HAZUR assessment tool, together with other innovative solutions coming from different EU initiatives on resilience, climate change and critical infrastructures. Ignasi Fontanals from OptiCits, was the RESCCUE representative who attended the EU-CIRCLE workshop. The event was held on 29th August at the prestigious research institute of Fraunhofers in Dresden, Germany.

The agenda included different presentations about EU-CIRCLE case studies: rapid winter flooding around Dresden, coastal flooding across Torbay (UK), effects of cyclonic pressures in Bangladesh and Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur Region (South East of France). The workshop also gave an opportunity to other resilience-related research projects to share their key results. RESCCUE participated in a joint session together with RESIN, BRIGAID, DARENET, STRIMA II, IMOMA and FloRiCiMo projects. On the other side, the use of HAZUR Assessment module of the web-tool to provide resilience assessments in the RESCCUE cities was showcased during interactive live demos sessions of different tools and technologies  being developed within the EU projects.

Finally, a discussion on climate change, resilience of cities and their critical infrastructures was held, which helped to highlight the most relevant issues and urgent concerns. Additionally, various topics worth considering arose during the conversations regarding resilience and data management or new technological capacities for detailed and holistic simulations, among others.

All in all, sharing experiences with the field´s leading experts is always fruitful, so from RESCCUE we would like to thank EU-CIRCLE for considering us for their final event.