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Photographic marathon “24 hours | photos | risks”


Photographic marathon “24 hours | photos | risks”

On 8th and 9th of September 2018 took place the photographic marathon “24 hours | photos | risks”, an event organised by Lisbon City Council's Civil Protection Department. The initiative was carried out in the framework of the RESCCUE project and counted with an active participation of LNEC and EDP Distribution, another two Portuguese project partners. Additionally, the marathon was supported by Lisbon City Council’s Brand and Communication Department as well as by the Municipal Civil Protection Service of Oeiras City Council. All the abovementioned entities also formed part of the jury of the event.


The main goal of the event was to offer all the participants to take a close look at the city of Lisbon and to do so through the photographs.  As the photographic marathon was framed within the RESCCUE project, the key topics were the following: urban resilience, sustainability, energy efficiency, climate change (adaptation and mitigation measures), flood risk, emergency services, mobility, transports and sea level rise.


The participants of the marathon were provided with special maps with 12 checkpoints marked and those places should have been visited in one day, that is, during 24 hours. And since it was a photographic marathon, the participants were asked not only to visit the indicated spots but also to document them through photographs. The marathon started with 21 registered participants, however, only 7 of them have completed the race, 2 women and 5 men.


The marathon not only encouraged the participants to look at their city from different point of view but also fostered the relationship among all of them and put forward the value of active citizenship.

Meet the winners:

1st place
Participant: Mónica Cunha de Sousa
Theme: Permeable paving
Location: Campo Grande

2nd place
Participant: João Carlos Alves de Figueiredo
Theme: MAAT Building
Location: Brasília Avenue

3rd place
Participant: Ricardo Filipe Monteiro
Theme: Fire Brigade Regiment from Lisbon CC
Location: Martim Moniz Firehouse

4th place
Participant: Paulo Jorge Miranda
Theme: Low tide level
Location: Riverside

5th place
Participant: Luís Filipe Silvano
Theme: Emergency corridors
Location: Arco Cego Neighborhood


6th place
Participant: Ana Maria Hortas da Silva
Theme: Green Roofs
Location: Monsanto Green Corridor

7st place
Participant: José Lucas Marques
Theme: High tide level
Location: Riverside