This project has recived funding from European Comission by means of Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, under Grant Agreement no. 700174

RESCCUE gains international visibility during the Barcelona Resilience Week 2018


RESCCUE gains international visibility during the Barcelona Resilience Week 2018

Due to the Barcelona Resilience Week, from 12th to 16thof November Catalonian capital has turned into the meeting point for all those governments, city leaders, partners and stakeholders committed to urban resilience. A key event organised by two RESCCUE partners, UN-Habitat and Barcelona City Council, had a global repercussion together with a huge variety of topic-related initiatives held in parallel during the same week in Barcelona, such as Smart City Expo World Congress and C40 Regional Meeting, among others.

Each of the Barcelona-based RESCCUE partners took the advantage of this opportunity for spreading the word about the RESCCUE project. On the first event day, Beniamino Russo from Aquatec – SUEZ Advanced Solutions introduced the project during the Resilience Dialogue 1: Climate Action session. For their part OptiCits and IREC, represented by Ester Vendrell and José Luís Domínguez, respectively, participated actively in the Smart City Expo World Congress where presented RESCCUE and showcased project materials. Finally, on the last event day, Montse Martínez from Aquatec-SUEZ Advanced Solutions participated together with Carlos Lafoz Naval from Endesa in the Innovative partnerships for sustainable and resilient cities session, where explained the way RESCCUE aims to strengthen the resilience of the European cities.

All these dissemination activities not only contributed in terms of visibility and social engagement but also helped to establish contacts crucial for the RESCCUE project.

Beniamino Russo (left) and Montse Martínez (right) presenting the RESCCUE project during the Barcelona Resilience Week 2018