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RESCCUE holds its final meetings


RESCCUE holds its final meetings

The two final meetings of the RESCCUE project have recently taken place. On one hand, the Third Project Review Meeting was held on 29th of October. On the other hand, the 9th Project Committee Meeting took place on the 2nd of November. Given the current situation, these meetings held online

At the Third Project Review Meeting, the Work Package leaders presented the main outputs and results of the project to the Project Advisor from EASME and the external Project Reviewers. In general terms, they gave positive feedback and advised the RESCCUE partners on how to close the project in the best possible way. Furthermore, they highlighted the project's effort to redirect their discourse, overcome adversities, and prepare the dissemination materials needed to exploit its results. Finally, the different advances made in the Work Packages and Research Sites during the last year were reviewed.

Likewise, in the 9th Project Committee Meeting, all the partners gathered for the last time to talk about the progress made and to review again the main outputs and results obtained in the project. The members of the Project Advisory Board were also there, providing their last inputs to the project.  Also, in this meeting, the feedback from the Third Project Review Meeting was communicated and discussed. Besides, some financial indications for the closure of the project were also given. Lastly, Marc Velasco (Aquatec-Suez Advanced Solutions), the coordinator of the RESCCUE project, closed the event with some words of thanks for all the partners involved in this 4-year research project.