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RESCCUE project highlighted in the French newspaper Ouest France


RESCCUE project highlighted in the French newspaper Ouest France

Ouest France reports in its newspaper on the significance of the RESCCUE project about the floods in Barcelona, which are a driving force for research into a more resilient city.

The article highlights the importance of data collection through insurance companies and the Insurance Compensation Consortium to give greater reliability to the results. These collect all the climatic incidents, reveal the vulnerability of cities and the risks of their facilities

RESCCUE works with three cities: Barcelona, Bristol and Lisbon simultaneously to obtain this data. Working with different cities helps to establish priorities and improve well-defined decision criteria such as cost and respect for the environment.  

In this way, each municipality will be able to make its decisions considering its resilience action plans developed for climate prevention plans. The results of the project and the action plans will be available this autumn to all interested cities. 

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