This project has recived funding from European Comission by means of Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, under Grant Agreement no. 700174

RESCCUE supports and participates in the European Urban Resilience Forum 2019


RESCCUE supports and participates in the European Urban Resilience Forum 2019

Last June 25th, the annual European Urban Resilience Forum (EURF) 2019, formerly known as Open European Day, took place in Bonn, Germany, back-to-back with the 10th annual ICLEI Resilient Cities Conference. RESCCUE supported and participated in this year’s edition of the event, organised by ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability in co-operation with the European Environment Agency, as well as different Horizon 2020 projects.

A variety of sessions and training workshops covered the three main themes of the EURF 2019: nature-based solutions for urban resilience, multi-level governance for adaptation planning, and financing resilience and adaptation. Additionally, the event was complemented by a marketplace, a space that promoted networking and served to introduce attendees to relevant initiatives and projects. RESCCUE had its own stand at the marketplace, where Ignasi Fontanals, from Opticits, made some demonstrations of the Hazur tool.

The EURF 2019 brought together cities representatives with technology partners and other stakeholders that can provide solutions for their urban resilience problems. Participants were encouraged to share experiences and points of view on diverse topics, tackling existing challenges in local urban adaptation, while exploring potential solutions and opportunities for future collaboration. In this sense, several strategies and actions for adapting to climate change and build urban resilience were discussed.

This event was key for RESCCUE since it was a great opportunity to showcase the project results to a wide range of cities representatives. In this sense, apart from being a supporter of the event and having a stand in the marketplace, different RESCCUE partners were involved in some sessions. Marc Velasco, RESCCUE project Coordinator, participated in the Opening Plenary, entitled “Tracking progress on urban adaptation in Europe”, and outlined the relationship between the EURF and the ECCA conference, which was co-organised by RESCCUE. Besides, John Stevens, from Bristol City Council, and Maria Telhado, from Lisbon City Council, two cities where RESCCUE is testing its tools and methodologies, took part in another session about innovative schemes for financing resilient cities.