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A scientific paper about urban resilience based upon the RESCCUE project has been published in MDPI


A scientific paper about urban resilience based upon the RESCCUE project has been published in MDPI

MDPI has published a scientific paper entitled “RAF Resilience Assessment Framework—A Tool to Support Cities’ Action Planning”, which highlights the development of a resilience assessment framework that guides and facilitates diagnosis of the resilience of cities and urban services. In particular, this article reflects certain aspects and objectives of the RESSCUE project.

This study, written by M.A Cardoso, R. Salgado Brito, C. Pereira from LNEC, A. Gonzalez from Barcelona City Council, J. Stevens from Bristol City Council and M. João Telhado from Lisbon City Council, is based on the dynamism and complexity of urban areas, and how their management involves the participation of multiple stakeholders. In this context, the current climate dynamics may aggravate current conditions. Therefore, an integrated approach to resilience and sustainable urban development is needed.

That is why this essay aims to assess strategic urban sectors and their interactions with others and with the urban system in general. This document presents the framework and the main results of its application in three cities with diverse contexts. As a result, it demonstrates that the framework highlights the situation of cities and urban services, in terms of resilience to climate change, and identifies the most critical aspects to be improved, including expectations of future impacts.

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