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UN-HABITAT hosts the exhibition “Where will we go?”


UN-HABITAT hosts the exhibition “Where will we go?”

UN-Habitat, an important member of the RESCCUE family, through its City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPP) presented on the 17th of February Kadir van Lohuizen’s photo essay “Where will we go? The human consequences of rising sea levels”. The event which took place in the La Puríssima pavilion of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau, headquarters of UN-Habitat, was opened by the host Josep Tardà, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of the Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau Private Foundation. Next to speak was Arnau Queralt i Bassa, Director of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Development of Catalonia (CADS), who talked about the importance of going beyond day-to-day problems and start focusing on global issues. Finally, the author of exhibition, Dutch photographer Kadir van Lohuizen, shared some behind-the-scene experiences he lived while photo-shooting in different countries around the world. The key message of the author was that sea level rise and coastal erosion is not just a problem of developing countries, but a global issue which affects even most modern cities such as Miami, for example. The closing words were delivered by Dan Lewis, Chief of the Urban Risk Reduction Unit from UN-Habitat, who thanked all those who made it possible to bring this exhibition to Barcelona.

The exhibition “Where will we go? The human consequences of rising sea levels” will be open to the public from the 17th of February to 16th of March. Click here for more information.